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Take a look at just a few of the various products and solutions we offer.

One of our most popular products of today is our hybrid backup solution. Scroll down for more info.


Security is the number one concern of all business owners. Advanced Micro Systems takes security very seriously. To our credit not one of our clients has had a security breach on their computer systems after our setup of firewall and network protection solutions.
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Advanced Micro Systems builds custom workstations that meet Microsoft's Hardware Quality Standards. We use Intel Processors for ultimate reliability and performance. Our workstations typically use Intel motherboards with whisper quiet Cases. In the near future all systems will be built with Solid State Hard Drives which use no moving parts, and allow for maximum performance.
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Email Solutions

In today's marketplace it is near impossible to do business without a proper email address. We can help you get setup today. Whether you want to host your email at your business or use a cloud solution, we have the know-how to get it done the right way. Most importantly we also have solutions that can make sure you maintain proper archival, backup, as well as secure or encrypted email.

Backup Solutions

We offer many backup solutions from software to hardware. The most popular of which is our hybrid backup solution. Using a device at your location, we provide both local and offsite backups for one low monthly price. One of the best features of this system is that the data is not backed up in the cloud to some random location on the internet. Instead it is backed up site to site to one of our secure locations. Or if you'd prefer we can even provide you with a system to backup site to site within your organization.
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Advanced Micro Systems builds custom servers using Intel Processors. All servers are built with the minimum configuration of 2 hard drives with hardware mirroring and 4 GB of RAM. We also build servers with 4 hard drives for striping and mirroring for speed and security. We only use Microsoft Windows Server OS. Currently we also build Exchange servers and Antivirus Servers. All servers and workstations have our standard 3 year hardware warranty.


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